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Memo – ADDA/DGP/IT-041/327/16-17 Dated – 26/05/2017

Application for New Online Water Connection.

Ref No: ADDA/DGP/PC-153/15-16/2779 Dated : 22.08.2016

Notice regarding clearing of dues for the Agencies continuing with Hoardings at different locations in the Durgapur Planning Area

Memo No: ADDA/ASL/1530(21)/XXXIV-1/13/RR Dated : 18.02.2016

Details of Land intended to be purchased in connection with Diversion of three DB Roads at various mouzas under Barabani P.S., Salanpur P.S. and Raniganj P.S

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  • NIT – ADDA/DGP/ED/N-88/17-18 Dated – 15/02/2018

    Illumination of road with LED Light at different area…

  • NIT – ADDA/DGP/ED/N-87/17-18 Dated – 15/02/2018

    Construction of class room at Trilokchandpur Jarilal Smriti High…

  • NIT – ADDA/DGP/ED/N-86/17-18 Dated – 15/02/2018

    Electrical wiring, distribution, lighting etc. for office under ADPC…

  • Memo – ADDA/DGP/ED/G-57 (Pt. XXV)/2017-18/782/12 Dated – 15/02/2018

    Corrigendum notice vide NIT no. ADDA/DGP/ED/N-77/17-18 Dated – 25/01/2018

  • Memo – ADDA/DGP/ED/G-57(Pt XXV)/2017-18/773/12 Dated – 13/02/2018

    Corrigendum notice vide NIT No. ADDA/DGP/ED/N-76/17-18 Dated – 18/01/2018

  • NIT – ADDA/DGP/ED/N-85/17-18 Dated – 12/02/2018

    Construction of wooden works, boundary wall and two storied…

  • NIT – ADDA/DGP/ED/N-80/2017-18 Dated – 30/01/2018

    1) Construction of Library Building at Pandaveswar College (Ground…

  • NIT – ADDA/DGP/ED/N-77/2017-18 Dated – 25/01/2018

    Installation of various Street Lights at Durgapur Faridpur Block

  • NIT No: ADDA/ASN/ED/N-164(2017-18)/1281 Dated 30.01.2018

    Construction of Road including surface drain at Jamuria Industrial…



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Sl. No.Project NameProject Cost
1Construction of Burning shed at Jamua within Durgapur-Faridpur Block (3rd Call)1024441
2Construction of concrete road and allied drainage system at Saptarshi Park within Durgapur Faridpur Block2555304
3Supply,fitting and fixing of M.S. Drop Gate by removing the old and damaged gate at Muchipara Sewerage Pump House, Bidhannagar, Durgapur-1272467
4Annual maintenance of sewarage system within Bidhannagar, J.L. Avenue, Zonal Centre and City Centre for the year 2015-162202906
5Construction of waiting shed at Piyala More near ADDA Guest House356252
6Installation of sewarage disposal pump at Bidhannagar (Muchipara) Sewarage Pumping Station, Durgapur - 121912995
7Supply of 80.00 MT (Minimum) Ferric Alum Block Grade II as per ISI 299/1989 at ADDA Store at Bidhannagar, Durgapur - 12 or at WTP at Mangalpur, Raniganj or at WTP at HFCL, Durgapur as directed by EIC.0
8Routine annual maintenance including supply of materials at site of electrical items of work within Bidhannagar, EPIP, Pump Houses (Internal & External Lighting), CEO's Bungalow and other places for the year 2015-16 (2nd Call)0
9Routine annual maintenance including supply of materials at site of electrical items of work within City Centre and other areas for the year 2015-16 (2nd Call)0
10Construction of road and drainage system near Junction Mall, City Centre, Durgapur - 16838048
11Modification of Interior Decoration of 2nd floor ADDA Office by False Ceiling and Alluminium Windows at City Centre,Durgapur-161453190
12Renovation of floor by vetrified tiles and partitions by decorative lamination so as to enhance the look of 2nd Floor Of ADDA Office,City Centre,Durgapur-164490607
13Renovation of Toilet Block and associated Plumbing Works at 2nd Floor ADDA Office at City Centre,Durgapur-16 715661
14Electrical works for kiosks at City Centre beside Water Pump House of DMC,Durgapur-16 1031124
15Design,Supply,Installation,Testing and Commissioning of on grid Solar PV Power Plant of Array Capacity 60KWp at roof top of 1st Administrative Building,Durgapur of Asansol Durgapur Development Authority,West Bengal 3400000
16Reorganisation of Electical wiring and installations for Reorganisation of different section of ADDA Office at 2nd Floor of 1st Administrative Building,City Centre,Durgapur-161274225
17Consultancy service for construction of new Bridge along with approch road beside the existing situated beside City Centre Lake at City Centre,Durgapur-160
18Construction of boundary wall and repairing of class room at B/Nagar Govt.Sponsored Girls High School,Durgapur946166
19Construction of Single Storied Building at Rajbandh Sishu Sadan, Rajbandh Durgapur.1861557
20Construction of Burning Shed at Arrah village within Kanksa Block.1665956
21Repairing and Renovation of Malandighi Primary Health Centre at Malandighi under Kanksa Block.4033422
22Repair and renovation of Silampur Primery Health Centre within Amlajora G.P. under Kanksa Block.2675862
23Construction of Class room at Malandighi F.P School within Kanksa Block(Retender)1047933
24Electrical wiring Installation and outside lighting at Malandighi Primary Health Centre.Kanksa Block447120
25Construction of single storied Building at SISHU SADAN, Rajbandh, Durgapur1861557
26Construction of four nos. of class room at Andal village primery school (3rd Call)2881113
27Construction of brick drain from Sabitri Nursing Home near Dhunra plot to Gosainagar road (Kali Mandir) withion DMC area (2nd Call).3553845
28Construction of concrete drain at Palasdiha Vambay.1081163
29Widening & Improvement of Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy Sarani(Raoyal Stage Lane)at City Centre,Durgapur-161917502
30Construction of drain back side of St.Xaviers High School at Palashdiha,City centre,Durgapur1298675
31Construction of concrete roadand drainage system of Sripally, Arrah(Ph-II) Within Kanksa Block4178107
32Construction of Class room at Malan Dighi Girls Junior High School4367932
33Construction of concrete road and drainage system from Bagdi and ruidas Para Majdur Sangha To Purba Bauri Para(Via Sankar Para)at Amla jora Village under Kanksa Block3593488
34Repairing of Black top road from Rajbandh Nh-II Bus Stand to DVC Lock Gate within Kanksa Block1418045
35Construction of SIHM Building at Fuljhore86114677
36Construction of two storied building at Urban Hatt at City Centre, 11673326
37500KVA Sub-Station (11/0.433 KV) with allied LT works for State Institute of Hotel Management, Fuljhore, Durgapur.3246539
38Electrical works for two storied building at Urban Haat(Durgapur Haat), City Centre, Durgapur.988820
39Construction of branch office building of West Bengal Tribal Development Co-Opt. Corporation Ltd. At SGB-7 Plot of ADDA at City Centre, Durgapur.2719739
40Electrical and Aire Conditioning work for Treasury Office, City Centre, Durgapur - 16901378
41Providing and laying of NP-2 HUme Pipe sewerage line along Tara Sankar Bithi and City Centre Police IC to STP at City Centre,Durgapur-164375437
42Improvement, Upgradation & Strenghthening of road from Gammon Bridge to Gandhi More (NH-2) via Maya Bazaar in Durgapur778179000
43Inter Connection Between HFCL Rising Mains with newly layed 15 MGD raising manis with 300 mm dia DISS (K-9) pipe along Dr. Martin luther King Road at Bidhannagar within DMC Area 813443
44New water connection for MAMC UGR from 600 mm dia.15MGD pipe line near ADDA Guest House with a Connection to 450 mm Dia.CRPF Line 1056794
45Diversion of Nallah within 15MGD Water Treatment Plant at Angadpur under JnNURM.3996097

Public Notice

  • Memo – ADDA/DGP/IT-041/327/16-17 Dated – 26/05/2017

    Application for New Online Water Connection.

  • Ref No: ADDA/DGP/PC-153/15-16/2779 Dated : 22.08.2016

    Notice regarding clearing of dues for the Agencies continuing…

  • Memo No: ADDA/ASL/1530(21)/XXXIV-1/13/RR Dated : 18.02.2016

    Details of Land intended to be purchased in connection…

  • Memo No. – ADDA/DGP/PC-104/2015-16/1690 Dt. 15/01/2016

    Notice for Lottery of Flats at Aquapolis.

  • Memo No. – ADDA/DGP/EST/12/13-14/512 Dt. 16/12/2015

    Circular Regarding Processing Feed for Transfer of Leasehold Interest…

  • Order No. 1044(19)-T&CP/C-2/2C-06/2013(Part-I)

    Circulation of Government of India (G.o.I) regulation regarding height…

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  • Notice Regrading execution of Agreement for Lease in favour of Allottees of the Quarters of the MAMC Township

    Ref No: ADDA/DGP/MAMC/03 PART-II/1051 Dated : 19.02.2015

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